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Letters to My Daughters | Emma My Love

My dear Emma,

You are just the sweetest little 6 month old in the world! Your smile is incredible. You have the amazing ability to make everyone you come in contact with fall in love with you. You are so strong. It was a long winter, full of doctor visits and runny noses but you never let any sickness affect your sweet personality. You always smile.

You are a pro at sitting up and you love to turn over. You’ve turned into a wiggle worm. You love to read books and chase your sister. Speaking of your sister, she makes you laugh all the time. Any new noise she makes sends you into a full on giggle match. I love the way you two love each other. I pray you stay close forever.

Just one more thing, Emma my love. You are truly the light of my life. I feel lucky that I get to call you my daughter. I’m so proud of you. You are my heartbeat. I love you.

Your mommy

See Emma at 3 months old here.




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