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What to Expect

What to Expect

So you’re all set up for your portrait session and want to know what comes next!  The most asked question is about what to wear, and we can discuss that during the pre session consultation.  The first thing is that it’s important to choose a session time for when your child is at his/her most comfortable, ie. not around lunch time or nap time.  It is a good idea to bring non-messy snacks like cheerios and puffs and not red fruit snacks or blue lolipops.

I will bring a portfolio so you are able to see and feel some samples of my albums, canvases and larger mounted prints.

To get the most out of your session please make sure your child is not hungry or tired when the session begins.  It is important to let your child be free, it is not necessary to direct them, ask them to smile or look here or there, typically that tends to make the child tense.  Sometimes it is even best for the parents to hang back and let me interact with the child(ren).

It is very important to remember that children have their own agendas.  Most toddlers do not take directions to ‘pose’.  Almost all of the connections on my websites were captured candidly.  Please do not expect to recreate a picture you have seen on my site.  I cannot emphasize enough to simply interact as I am not there.  These natural moments make the best captures.

Once you fill out the session agreement and pay the session fee your date is secured. As the session gets closer, a pre session consultation will be set up. This can be done via chat, skype or phone. The goal of the consult is to answer all of your questions, discuss what products you are most interested in and discuss what to wear.

Typical child and family sessions last 60-90 minutes. Newborn sessions about 2-3 hours.

Your proofs will be ready within 2 weeks of your session. Any other questions, start gathering them up for your consultation!